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Car Show Report - Gary MN

It was a great day for a car show.

The Far West Days car show, in Gary MN was well attended, by families, car exhibitors and vendors. The temperature was hovering around 70, with partly cloudy skies for most of the day. This was an 11 AM to 3 PM car show, with no awards. I was greeted on arrival by a car show official and I was allowed to choose my space anywhere I wanted.

This car show was about 8 miles from our house and so I drove the model T from our house all the way to the car show and all the way home.

The new leather fan belt needs adjustment, because it’s breaking in.

Friday, I actually overheated because it was a little looser. Today no such trouble after tightening it. This is because I have a water pump on it. (Everybody has their own opinion on this. I have a water pump because it was always on there, as long as I can remember.)

I was able to run the headlights for about 2 1/2 hours on the load of carbide. We were parked slightly aiming uphill, this meant that I had to use the choke every time to start it, and that line bubbles from running the carbide headlights appeared to stay in the line and did not drop to our specially installed drain point. We could see this, by a flicker in the headlights that began well after two hours and fifteen minutes of running them.

I saw a few friends, and many familiar faces from other car shops. It was a great show with great families that stopped to visit.

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