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Model T Work Day

Today was Model T work day on our 1914 Ford Touring. I was assisted today by my lovely daughter Summer. We replaced the fan belt, and adjusted the fan to work with the new belt. This meant we had to move one washer from the back of the fan mount to the front, for fan clearance with the new belt. We replaced the battery, and cleaned the battery ground connections to have a sure ground on the frame. We added the leather components of the saddles which hold the top when it’s down. Including the saddle leathers and new belts. We put new license plates. We removed and cleaned the spark plugs gave them a good wire brushing, and reinstalled them. We drained the water out of the sediment bowl under the gas tank. We filled all the oilers with oil, and did a lot of work on the grease cups filling, turning, filling, turning, you know. We removed everything from under the backseat cleaned, and organized it all, and replaced it if we felt we needed it in the car. Summer reinstalled the newly repaired water tank for the headlight generator. I changed the oil. We refilled the radiator with water because it was empty all winter. After running the engine a while to warm it up, I tightened up the head bolts and thereby removed the chirp that we had. After all of this some of us took a little cruise to get gas. It was a wonderful day. 

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